Training Services at Prairie Gem

“Never knock the curiosity out of  horse” – Pat Parelli

Accepting Horses for Training, the Gentle Way, by Bill O’Malley

Cowboy Bill O'Malley
Training fee and board:
$750 per month

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Specializing in gentle training of horses for show
or pleasure. Training includes under saddle, Parelli Natural Horsemanship and John Lyons style of ground skills, bathing, clipping, loading, trail training, finish show training.


Bill can handle it and your horse will be more trusting!
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Pat and Linda Parelli

Prairie Gem Stables subscribes to the Natural Horsemanship methods of Pat and Linda Parelli
-More about Parelli and Natural Horsemanship-

Sylvia and Three

You will be happy with your horse when you see what we can do!